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Advanced Reporting

Track Learning with LMS Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Ensures learning in-depth with data visualization, customized reports and dashboard featuring the required data. It allows easy monitoring of progress, data compliance, adherence, status and successful completion on each course offering built-in reports. The configurable dashboard comes with powerful reporting tools for user needs.
Advanced reporting in IPIX LMS
Custom Reports & Dashboard in IPIX LMS

Custom Reports & Dashboard

Featuring advanced reporting, LMS allows organizations to monitor the performance, creating reports across candidates, with the various course and user data field. Customizable dashboards help to build analytics and reports depending on the needs of each course.

Benefits of Report & Analytics in LMS

An LMS with added report and analytic feature a wide array of options according to the course structure for both learners and administrators. Major reasons for having analytics in LMS include:
  1. Assess Training Engagement
  2. Custom reports suiting the needs
  3. Generate Real-Time Reports
  4. Maximize Training Efficiency
  5. Record Success Metrics
  6. Analyze Cost-Effectiveness.
Report & Analytics in IPIX LMS

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