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Languages & Localization

Localize your Custom LMS

Multi-language Feature

Localizing the LMS with custom configuration supports to improve learner adoption across the organization. Learning in their local language assures quick grasping of the syllabus, with reduced implementation time and higher user adoption.
multi language ipix lms
multilanguage lms india

LMS with a global reach

Supporting 40+ local languages, any course can be accessed from various geographic location simultaneously. This expands the product market in more regions. It promotes effective training programs for students, customers, employees, etc., according to their pace.

Benefits of Languages and Localization

A multilingual feature favours people from the diverse region to access the course in their preferred language. Language support and localization benefits include:
  1. Helps in the development of companies/institutions.
  2. Localized multilingual LMS translates and adapts content.
  3. More suitable user-interface for different regions.
  4. 40+ Multilingual support.
  5. Supports bridge communication, eliminating barriers.
  6. Accessible and easy to translate.
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