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IPIX LMS Mobile Apps

LMS software is flexible over iOS and Android platforms ensuring a continuous learning experience with automatic course tracking. Individuals can access, update and share the content whenever necessary. These contents, like video, image, etc., are also available offline.
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Mobile Devices in LMS

Learners could access the app through any mobile device independent of time and place. LMS apps are available on almost all platforms, optimizing the bandwidth of their online learning program. Without mobility features, courses remain unreliable for the learners. Social learning improves engaging, allowing people to interact with each other, access and share content.

Benefits of Mobility in LMS

In a mobile-friendly world nothing benefits learning more than an LMS platform featuring mobility. Accessing LMS through mobile devices benefits in the following ways:
  1. Higher retention & completion rate
  2. Higher user engagement
  3. Promotes Social learning
  4. User friendly with better Flexibility
  5. Economical
ipix lms mobility

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