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White Labelling & Customization

Creating Unique Brand within

Whitelabel LMS

Creating a learner-centric experience, white labelling in LMS ensures better revenue focusing on core business. It features branding, multi portal, custom domain, custom certification, etc. Managing candidates becomes easy and frictionless, providing a more tailored learning experience.
api integration ipix lms
ipix lms api integration

Building own Brand Recognition

Most of the LMS comes with AI integration to promote simpler and tailored learning methods. A personalized learning strategy can be created, analyzing and understanding the preferences of learners. It allows customizing the URL, theme colour, fonts, shortcuts, etc., thereby improving adoption and creating a unique visual identity.

Benefits of Whitelabelling LMS

LMS white-labelling helps to reinforce custom branding within the LMS to encourage learner-centric experience. Some of the visible benefits are as follows:
  1. Branding & customizing option
  2. Cost-effective & Quick launch
  3. Customized login portal
  4. Corporate Brand reflection
  5. Increase business revenue & profit
whitelabel ipix lms

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