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Better Engagement with Gamified Learning

IPIX LMS Gamification

More than fun, gamification incorporates unique game-based learning with improved engagement. Implementing exciting elements like rewards, achievements, badges, points, etc., increase the knowledge retention of individuals. This could also track and monitor progress, winners and engagement for single pages.
IPIX LMS Gamification
IPIX LMS Gamification

Competitive Knowledge Retention

Gamification in LMS provides an effective, informal learning atmosphere helping learners practice with realtime projects. This LMS feature operates with exciting and encouraging elements with points, rewards, contest, badges, leaderboard, etc. Gamification programs convert professional sessions enjoyable and easy to grasp. These promotional objectives improve and increase learner engagement, knowledge retention through fair competition and simplified user experience.

Benefits of Gamification in LMS

Gamification leads to better engagement and learning experience facilitating better learning methodology. A few benefits of implementing gamification in LMS are as follows:
  1. Enhanced learner engagement & experience.
  2. Fun oriented and interactive e-learning
  3. Improved knowledge retention
  4. Increased ROI
  5. Increased learning motivation
LMS Gamification

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