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The cloud-based LMS software from IPIX handles all your e-learning needs. With this comprehensive system, you don't need to go in search of other bits of software to support your processes. You can get all your supporting systems like HR, Ops, Finance, etc., integrated with our LMS solution.

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Student Management
IPIX learning management system manages the complete life cycle of students beginning from submitting an application form, to graduating the course. Define and manage the entire workflow of registration for your institute and set up Finance with multiple funding methods. Manage tests and exams, grading, and monitor student performance.
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Document Management
To manage your documents efficiently, IPIX LMS enables users to make, store, tag, save, capture, search and share documents. You can allocate permissions based on user roles for accessing and sharing documents. Documents can be searched with filters like content, file names, tags, or more with our advanced search feature.
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Student Admissions
Admissions are the most critical process for an educational institute. With IPIX LMS, you can simplify what is otherwise a time-consuming and laborious process through automation. Assign roles & responsibilities for recruitment, online admissions and define rules for the acceptance of applications.
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Examination Management
IPIX LMS provides you with the ability to manage multiple types of exams. Configure your own exam qualification rules for various types of exams. Manage the invigilation of your exams with Invigilator Assignment. Manage resources, exam venues with logistic management & create an examination timetable that fits your criteria.
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Learning Content Management System
IPIX LMS enables real-time creation, publishing and sharing of learning content. Several types of quizzes and evaluations can be managed easily and hassle-free. With our advanced learning content management engine, you can perform collaborative content authoring.
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Faculty Management
This feature in the IPIX learning management system lets you maintain a faculty database with a complete profile, schedule their sessions, ask for and respond to feedback, and more. A career portal to maintain contract documents to remind administrators and faculty of contract expiry dates.
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Virtual ClassRoom
As the name suggests, this feature facilitates real-time cooperation and delivers online lectures through screen sharing. Interacting learning allows faculty to explain concepts or conduct experiments more clearly in a virtual environment. Teacher-student engagement is facilitated through live chat and IM.
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Bursary - Financial Management
IPIX LMS allows you to display detailed fee information for different courses, and also include scholarships and discounts. This feature supports multiple currencies and payment methods like credit card, net banking, online wallets, and more for added convenience.
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Learning Portfolio Management
With IPIX LMS software you can create and maintain your customized learning portfolio. It enables you to add blocks to upload files, resumes, notes, links, and videos. These blocks can be dragged and dropped to create a personalized layout while you live stream from YouTube with IPIX LMS.
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Campus Management
This feature lets you manage different services provided by your institute. With the Facility management feature, you can control all the facilities and resources in your institute from a centralized location. Menu options like creating facility, assigning facility, and many more are available. The Library management feature helps you to keep a check on overdue books by students.
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Data Security
IPIX LMS has a 100% secured system that paves your path to success. We provide AWS guarantees on data storage, ensure daily data backups, and backups of data on multiple devices. IPIX learning management system offers a three-level security system including authentication policies, encryption of data, and software level security to help you in the grave challenges to your data security.
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SaaS Based & Product Based Delivery
IPIX LMS is a one-stop solution that supports both the SaaS-based and product-based delivery system. Our Saas LMS helps to shape the future of your business and fit within the predefined budget. We offer no hidden cost for its infrastructure setup and maintenance. IPIX LMS helps to achieve your organizational training goal with faster deployment.
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Our mission is to bring innovative changes in learning with technology. As technology is evolving, the availability of automated platforms governed by AI are increasing and performs as a labour-intensive. Move your learning online with intuitive IPIX LMS.
  • Mobilize the Learning Experience
  • Virtual Training To Fit Your Needs
  • Link Courses Together To Form Learning Paths
  • Self-Managed Recurring Training
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What people say about IPIX LMS

best lms software in india
Mr Sanjeev Kumar Gopalakrishnan CFP
MD | PrognoAdvisor
With their reliable support and timely approach It has been a great working with IPIX LMS. Also, they have wide feature availability making it user friendly at affordable pricing. Their flexibility, availability, and assisting us at every stage of the project makes them unique.
best lms software in india
Mr Gautam Agawari
Founder | StemandSpace
It has been a great experience working with Moodle experts in IPIX with their reliable support and timely approach. Also flexible to customize as per our requirement. We have been using IPIX LMS for delivering different programs to our students through online.
Manager | IPA
IPIX LMS is excellent! Engaging gamification, real-life scenarios, and easy to use. Our students are hooked on to this learning platform. What's more, the IPIX team is readily available to handle our queries and troubleshoot.
Trishanya Raju
Manager | Wandering Raven
Great product with great features. First of all, the service & support by the team IPIX was great, epecially the way they are handling customers are awesome. They are that much focused and dedicated for their customers.
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Basab Ganguly
Senior Manager, ITS Dubai
I checked out many other similar systems, but felt something was lacking. The moment I went through IPIX LMS, I was impressed with its features. I wanted a little customization which the IPIX team incorporated effortlessly. I definitely recommend this tool for online learning!
lms software in uae
CA K.R.Rajendran
Audit & Assurance
IPIX has been our digital apps provider for some years now; when we wanted a tool for training our employees online, we naturally preferred to get it from them. IPIX LMS is a fantastic system that takes care of all our training, assessment, and evaluation requirements. We are very happy with it.
Mr Sanjeev Reddy
Spark Learning Solutions
It's been a great journey so far and I'm glad to have a technical team like you, Thank you for your support until the completion of the project. I wish for the continuity of the relationship and a lot of more projects to take up.

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